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The lush green pollution free beautiful campuses of A.P.S. are one of the most fascination elements that gives an environment for free thoughts and creative spirit.
A.P.S. College has two distinct campuses at different locations.
The architectural beauty of these campuses is at par with any educational campuses of the world. The spiritual atmosphere of these campuses is matchless, in comparison to any other educational campus of India.

Lecture hall:
At A.P.S. lecture halls are logistically designed to impart high quality education learning process. These lecture halls are well equipped with modern teaching aids. Over head projectors, multimedia aids, LCD etc.

Library is always known as the heart of any institution and acts as the centre for the well balanced collection of Books, Journals, research papers and periodicals in various fields of management and technology. It also includes information which is useful for teaching and reference purpose. Every college has its own library at A.P.S..
Each library is housed in spacious hall comprising of the reference hall and stack area with spacious reading room. The library of A.P.S. have total strength of more than 75000 publications and more than 300 nationals & international journals in computer, engineering, management, law, education and Parma etc.. the libraries also contain audio-visual facilities. It has DELNET, which allows the students to work on digital network of libraries belonging to premier institutions across the world. SINET facility is also available to study programs of other universities..

Computer lab:
The institutes are equipped with state-of-the-art computing facility with Pentium class computers connected through the local area network having 5 servers with more than 200 in numbers to beverage the power of information technology to make learning more informative and entertaining.
Every college at A.P.S. has its own well-equipped computer lab. All department and buildings including the library and administrative blocks are connected to servers packages are available to enable the students to work on data analysis, web technologies, and software designing preparing each student for the professional job market. The computer center has the state-of-the-art, teaching aids that help instructors to make demonstrations and presentations more effective and power packed. Round the clock facility of internet connectivity gives more opportunity to know the world and enhance their wisdom.

At A.P.S. mess is provided for its residents which offer variety of Indian, Chinese continental snacks, vegetarian food and non-vegetarian meals on demand, to cater to the multi-ethnic tastes of the students. Quality snacks, soft, drinks other beverages and lunch are served here at a subsidized rate, both to the students and staff members.

Residential complex
Boarding facilities at A.P.S. for students of residential program consist of the two hostel blocks available for boys and girls separately with twin sharing formats with more than 50 rooms in total having the capacity of 100 students. These rooms are spacious hygienic well ventilated and completely furnished for its residents. Round the clock LAN connectivity is available in each room for the student comfort providing access to resources like the local network and the internet. The facility of physician is also available for 24 hrs with the availability of Ambulance.

Medical facilities:
To ensure total well-being of students the college provides first aid medical facilities with a full time doctor available within the campus. Special facilities are also provided at the time of emergency 24 hrs. Ambulance facility is also available in the campus.

A.P.S. has its own fleet of buses for students and staff to commute at a very nominally yearly charge.

In time with the objective of all round development of the students, various sporting and physical development activities are encouraged amongst students. To enable students to enjoy sports, the campus is equipped with a separate court for badminton, basketball, tennis, volleyball and playgrounds for hockey, football, cricket etc. the construction of swimming pool is on the carpet. Various sport meets have been organized at intercollegiate level in the institute.

Personality development program (PDP)

A.P.S. started personality development program (PDP) for all students with the objective of developing their all round personality. The main aim of this program is to make the students aware of their potential. To make this program successful various activities are conducted like in-house seminars, presentations, group discussions, extern pores, mock interviews, debates, quizzes, role plays etc on regular basis.

The event is akin to the workshops but on grand scale with the level of involvement from the corporate being greatly enhanced. The focus here is on highlighting the

current industry buzz words which are best learnt in this atmosphere than in the classrooms.




Cultural events:
The cultural committee seeks to expose the A.P.S. students to a variety of activities, which provide a platform for their overall development. There activities enhance their skills such as quiz competitions, debates, role plays, extempore. Performances, dance & singing competition etc. through this the students are encouraged to develop skills.
Celebrities are invited to perform, as they are an apt example of glorified persona.

Industrial visit:
Nehru called the industries the “Temples of India:, the hub of economic power visit to the premise of the industries make the student cognizant about the technical aspects workshop technology and the shop floor operations. Management students are taken for these visits to give them an overall exposure to corporate culture & develop practical insight.. thus, industrial visit forms an integral part of management studies curriculum.

Social work:
The college has a sarve shiksh samiti that has conducted various activities for the benefit of public in general like marriage of poor girls, Bhagwat Katha, Ram Katha, Plantetion etc.

Scout camp:
The aim of scout camp is to develop young people physically, spiritually and mentally so that youth may take a constructive place in society. This is achieved through n on-formal education with emphasis on outdoor practical activities.

The students learnt to put up tents in forest, hilly and desert area, etc. where they are trained to cook their food –under adverse conditions, in providing first aid, tying knots, scouting, understanding the signals of behavior, scout prayer. They also participated in cultural functions and campfire. They became aware of , the duties of a scout as well as the pledges to be mad for the service of humanity and nation.

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